Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It's a family affair...

It's a family tradition in the Remodi household, every election Lisa Remodi briungs at least two, sometimes three of her four chiodren to the polls with her...not to vote, but to work. It's something that she has been doing since the kids were in high school, and this year is no exception. Her twp 19-year-old daughters are working today, one at Fair Oaks School and the other with her at the Mohegan Fire Station where Lisa is working as the poll's election official.

"they should learn about this," Lisa told me. "They'll be the ones who will be doing this in the future."

Activity at the fire station is a bit more brisj than at Town Halll. Sixty-three voters have cast ballots un the first two hours.

Now...off to Preston....


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