Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lots to think about....

It's official, the switch to digital TV has been delayed. The Senate voted today to push off the Feb. 17 start date because too many people are apparently not ready yet.

The legislature seems poised to expand the state bottle bill, and increase the nickel deposit to 10-cents. That's been discussed in Hartford for years, but never got off the groun -- at least not before now. It's seen as a way of increasing state revenues, and in the gradn scheme of things, it's not abad idea. The cost to consumers affects only those who choose not to redeem the empty containers -- so it's hard to oppose the plan since it is an individual choice to pay more if you want.

I'm not so sure I like one of the other proposals being offered, a 5-cent charge for the plastic bags at grocery stories and other places. Hey....they're perfect for garbage...and I'm not sure I want to go out and actually have to buy garbage bags.

My column in Sunday's paper regarding some of the legislative bills being submitted drew quite the response from readers. More bills are being posted on the legislature's Web page daily....there might be a second installment next Sunday.

So...what's up with you folks today?


Blogger dweeb said...

The increase (and expansion in scope) of the bottle deposit is a revenue generator, despite the rhetoric otherwise.

Those who choose to recycle, do so regardless of the 'return' and those who do not, will not, no matter how high you make it.

It's the same logic behind raising taxes on liquor and cigarettes (the so-called 'sin taxes'), though if enough users were truly 'encouraged' by the higher taxes to STOP purchasing the items, the budget gaps would be huge. Then what? No plan.

Meanwhile, the same legislature (if not the identical legislators) who gave us the unenforced cell phone while driving ban, and who 'improved' the CT graduated license process so that it's impossible to enforce, except after an accident, continue to fill their respective house's hoppers with proposals that very much resemble going to the bathroom in a dark blue suit.

It gives you a nice, warm feeling and nobody notices.

In good economic times, we could afford a decorative, albeit dysfunctional, legislative branch more easily than at the present moment.

If our part-time legislators are to ever be anything more than full-time peripheral fall-guys (and girls) when state initiatives fail, they need to develop a statewide perspective and put an end to the parochial rice-bowl mentality of their approaches.

We keep doing things the same way we always have and wondering why the results AREN'T different! That's insanity.

12:33 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...

They are going to increase the deposit to 10 cents!

Well if they do, and if I run for state senate, that will be in my platform.

I don't return my bottles because its a pain and I hate that the sticky floor at the groc store and I really hate that stink from the rotting dregs. I do toss them in the recycling. Well most of them anyway.

Increasing taxes on ciggies is also a dumb idea. People who smoke do vote. They are not a happy bunch. They are heavily overtaxed already. I know some very liberal Democrats who smoke who will flip over that issue alone.

I can put a very effective ad out of that issue.

9:40 AM  

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