Friday, March 16, 2007

The 2008 primary season

Now that California has decided to move its primary from June to Feb. 5, and a dozen other states also considering opening their polling places on Feb. 5 as well, including Texas, New York and New Jersey to name a few of the larger ones, the importance of winning those early primary and caucus contests becomes critical.

An early win can provide the momentum to grab the nomination on the 5th of February when nearly half the total delegates to the national conventions will be decided. It's probably even that much more important on the Republican side of the ledger where the top three are scrambling - and a host of others are toying with the idea of jumping into the contest.

A new poll out of New Hampshire shows just how close things are:

According to a new Franklin Pierce College/WBZ-TV poll shows John McCain leading Rudy Giuliani 29 to 28% among likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters.. Former Massahcusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is a close third with 22%.


Blogger mccommas said...

A-Ha! Again McCain has you eating out of the palm of his hand Ray. A one point lead is characterized by you as “leading” ?

That’s in a margin of error obviously.

IN FACT look at these latest headlines at Rasmussen Reports.


Election 2008: Giuliani 48% Edwards 41%

Poll: Giuliani Has Biggest Base of Support, Lowest Base of Opposition

Election 2008: Giuliani 49% Clinton 41%

“America’s Mayor” is crushing your boy 37% to 16% nationally.

That’s a 21 point lead. McCain may -- for now – have a minuscule, emaciated, temporary one-point lead with New Hampshire’s Rockefeller Republicans but what about the rest of the nation far more conservative—and numerous -- primary voters?

How can the former perceived front-runner win back conservatives? I don’t think he can.
Most Republican Primary voters – like our trademark elephant -- have long memories. We recall with crystal clarity McCain siding with Senate liberals filibustering Bush’s judicial choices. McCain saved the filibuster for federal judges, thwarted democracy and because of him people like William Myers are not federal judges today even though a majority of sentors would have confirmed.

I promice you that this betrayal of our bedrock ideals will not go un-punished. Its all over but the crying.

I think Rudy Giuliani will be the next President of the United States. There is no one but weaklings standing in his way.

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