Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday morning...

It will be off to Hartford this afternoon for a couple of legislativeve hearings.

The Appropriations Commimttee is taking up three bills relating to the slot money generated at the two Indian-run casinos here in Eastern Connecticut, the objective of all is to increase the amount local communities receive from the fund.

Also today, the Judiciary Committee is taking a proposal that would fund a pardon's assistance program, which if enacted, could be benefit for the Norwich-based Connecticut Pardon Team. Under the program, Connecticut residents who have completed their parole and sentences for past convictions, and have stayed out of trouble for five years, can erasde their records by apply for a pardon.

Tomorrow in Hartford, the controversial proposal that would allow undocumented immigrant children to obtain in-state tuition at Connecticut colleges and universities is up for a vote.


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