Thursday, December 28, 2006

Year's end...

I hadn't mentioned anything on the blog yesterday about the passing of former President Gerald Ford. Mostly because I was working on a Hackett on Politics column for this morning's paper regarding the president. (If you're interested, that column can be accessed from the Bulletin's Web page at I was also curious as to the funeral arrangements, wondering if funeral or memorial services in Washington might overlap with my planned visit to the Capitol next week. But it appears I'll just miss it. Services in Washington are scheduled for Tuesday, and I won't be arriving there until late in the day Tuesday.

I'll be reporting from Washington all next week, updating this blog on a regular basis each day with what's going on.

It's expected that somewhere between 150 and 200 eastern Connecticut residents are intending to attend the swearing in ceremonies. Anyone reading this blog planning on going down? If so, send me an email at and let me know what activities you'll be attending and maybe we can catch up with each other.

I'm taking a long weekend, so there won't be any new additions to the blog after today until I start publishing Tuesday from Washington. I do hope you all have a great holiday - and a safe one.


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