Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Updating the count...

Right now...it appears that 2nd Congressional District challenger Joe Courtney is holding an 84-vote lead in the recount of last week's election. That new - unofficial - tally includes Durham which apparently finished up late Monday night.

Norwich is still putting the finishing touches on its recount, having started Monday and expected to be completed this morning. It is anticipated Courtney will likely add one or two to his column when that is done.

The remaining nine towns are scheduled to conduct their recounts today. Deep River, Stonington and Old Lyme are under way as this is being written. Haddam will begin its count at 10 a.m. This afternoon, Ledyard (2 p.m.) and Ashford (5 p.m.) will start. And then this evening, the last three - Cantrebury (6 p.m.), Chester (6 p.m.) and Somers wrapping it up at 7 p.m.


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