Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I had planned on adding a few more items to the blog yesterday, but ended up taking a trip to the Capitol in Hartford instead. The main purpose for the ride was a meeting of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee to discuss the transfer of the Norwich portion of the Norwich State Hospital property to the city. A rather routine matter, but a bit more interesting these days in light of the Utopia situation in neighboring Preston.

I must admit that I am not surprised that Utopia didn't pan out. And the Utopian plans for downtown Norwich - the proposed $500 million redesign of the harbor area -a ren't likely to fadvance either. Here's why I never felt Utopia would really happen.

If someone is planning to invest just over $2 billion in the region, how come after three years they're still working out of the back seat of a car and using cell phones? If I was planning on investing $2 billion, I'd be visible - very visible and accessible. There's plenty of empty store fronts in downtown Norwich that could be rented at a very modest rate and that's where I would have an office. Not in the back seat of my car on a cell phone.


Blogger mccommas said...

Connecticut is not a state for big ideas.

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