Monday, November 27, 2006

Back from my break...

And a happy post Thanksgiving Day to all.

Obviously with my absence, things have been quiet here. But I have noticed a few comments posted and sometime later today I'll jump in and respond to those. First priority, however, will be to catch up on what happened last week and take a look at what's coming up.

The switch in party affiliation by State Rep. Diana Urban of North Stonington, formerly Republican and now Democrat, didn't come as much of a surprise. Urban's frustration with the GOP leadership in the state House of Representatives - and its frustration with her - has long been known. What will be interesting to watch is how well she fares among the Democratic majority.

Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan will be retiring from political life in a few weeks. A retirement party has been planned for Friday, Dec. 8 at the Connecticut Culinary Institute (formerly the Hastings Hotel) in Hartford. All are welcome to attend, but RSVP's are required by Wednesday. It costs $55 per person. And if anyone might be interested, RSVP to 860-524-7384.

A lot of the coming activity in December will center on legislative breakfasts hosted by a variety of organizations who hope to catch the ear of local lawmakers in regards to special interests of particular concern to the groups. One of the more interesting ones coming up next week will be the annual Electric Boat legislative breakfast where lawmakers on both the state (CT & RI) and federal level will get a hint as to the future of the nation's premiere submarine builder's plans. It was at last year's breakfast that we first got the details of the planned layoffs that took place during 2006. The breakfast is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 5.

More later after I catch up on what else is going on.


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