Friday, May 21, 2010

I find it interesting

The last time there was a contested race in the 2nd Congressional District Republiucan convention was in 1996 -- Ed Munster of East Haddam vs. Andy NOrton of colchester. Munster won the endorsement and the primary.

Friday night, Munster and Norton were players again. It was Munster who nominated Janet Peckinpaugh -- and Norton who seconded the nomination.

Peckinpaugh finsihed third, but got enough votes to qualify for the primary.

Meanwhile. we're still in the first round of voting in the U.S. Senate race. It's hard to say at this point who's ahead.

Peter Schiff is doing better than many thought, but it is clearly a head-to-head contest between Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon...and although McMahon appears to be ahead at the moment, Simmons is holding his own.

The 2nd District has't voted will be last....and it is expected to go heavily in in Simmons favor. But there is no clear indication at this point if opne round of voting will produce a winner...of if a second round will be necessary.


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