Monday, May 03, 2010

The first Monday of May...

A decision on the Susan Bysiewicz eligiblity hearing is expected to be issued this week. Where we go from there depends on what the ruling is...and who might appeal it.

It's the Lamont/Glassman ticket. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont tapped former Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate Mary Glassman as his running mate, the first of the many gubernatorial candidates (Democrats and Republicans) to announce a pairing. Not a bad choice...the only woman in the race and someone who has proven to be a good vote getter.

Democratic rival Dan Malloy announced over the weekend he has reached the benchmark to qualify for public financing for his gubernatorial bid, opning up the possibility of close to $8 million — $1.5 million immedidately after the convention, another $3 million after the August primary -- and more if any opponent not participating starts to outspend him. But the bigger problem is....will there be any money for Malloy?

The state's public financing law is still unde a cloud awaiting a court decision on its constiutionality, and inthe meantime, Democrats and Republicans in Hartford have slowly been robbing the fund to pay off the state's debt. Malloy could find himself the first-ever candiate to qualify for public financing -- and get nothing out of it except that distinction of being the first to...

On the Republican side, the McMahon campaign announced yet another defection of a former Rob Simmons supporter to her camp. That's three in the last week....and just less than three weeks to go before the convention.


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