Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sullivan vs. Courtney...

Sean Sullivan's decision to challenge first-term Democratic Congressman Joe Courtney in next year's 2nd District race - which I reported on this morning in the paper - is getting the expected buzz that one might expect. Those who would like to see a strong Republican challenger are excited about him, while those who believe Courtney is doing a good job are questioning what else Sullivan brings into the contest other than his past position as sub base commander.

Needless to say, those are both good questions and too soon for anyone to answer - and that includes Sullivan, who I doubt has gotten that far in his own planning.

At this point Sullivan is busy simply putting together his team so that he can begin raising money for what will likely be another expensive campaign. Where he stands on issues and what exactly will be the focal point of his campaign are issues that will become clearer in time. I think we'll get our first real hint of the kind of campaign he'll run when he makes his formal announcement of his candidacy - and that probably won't happen until sometime next month or early June.

Sullivan plans to meet with officials at the National Republican Congressional Campaign in Washington the first week of May. He'll need to be impressive if he hopes to convince them to get behind his candidacy because he'll need that support if he hopes to be competitive.

What is a bit more interesting is that Sullivan may very well have a clear track to the GOP nomination. The other possible candidate - Dan Craig of Deep River - hasn't returned my phone calls in two days. That surely raises a question as to how serious is he in making a run. Craig, by the way, is still living and working in Washington, DC, but still has his home in Deep River.


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