Monday, April 02, 2007

Dodd endorsement

Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd picked up a rather significant endorsement in his presidential bid this morning.

Former New Hampshire Congressman Norman D'Amours threw his support to Dodd. A'Amours served five terms in the House of Representatives, including a portion of that time with Dodd when he served as Connecticut's 2nd Congressional District representative. D'Amours previously served as New Hampshire's assistant Attorney General heading up the state's criminal division and was appointed by former President Bill Clinton to serve as chairman of the National Credit Union Administration.

Dodd heads back to New Hampshire for two days of campaigning beginning Tuesday.

This is what D'Amours said about Dodd in a press released issued by the Dodd campaign this morning:

"In my view, Chris Dodd is the only candidate in this race with the broad range of experience, temperament, world view and character that gives me complete confidence he could provide at this very moment the leadership our country so badly needs," said D'Amours. "I firmly believe that Chris has the right mix of leadership, consistency, and hands on experience that we need in the White House if we hope to heal this country and restore America's standing around the world.


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Some former congressman no one has ever heard of is significant?

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