Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Earlier this month I passed a milestone....19 years here at the Norwich Bulletin.

Tomorrow is yet another's my birthday. And I have, for many years now, always taken my birthday off and spend it on a golf course. This year, I'm treating myself even better. I'm taking a long weekend.

There is a Hackett on Politics this Sunday in the paper and on the Web page at I take a look at the 2nd Congressional District - now that it appears we have our two candidates.

See you back here Monday.


Blogger Bill Jenkins said...

As I hinted in another reply, I'd like to see the Norwich Bulletin do more stories on what's going on at the state legislature and I'd also like to see you dedicate more space in your blog along those lines and less time to the 2nd CD political race.

May of the odd years is when all the "action" is in the state legislature since they adjourn on June 6th so there's lots to write about in the same manner that there's lots to write about in October of even years since it's the month before Election Day.

12:12 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...

I will second that motion.

It’s practically a state secret what those jerks are up too.

I was furious that they managed to sneak their pay up a 10 Grand a while ago. I totally missed that because the coverage is non-existent.

The Bulletin could do what the Hartford Commie does. They have a box with the incumbents crossed with about 5 or so issues that came up that week with a Y or N signifying the way they voted.

That would be better than nothing. Which is what we have now.

Incumbents always win around here because the paper never gets them into trouble by outing their crazy opinions and foolish policy blunders to the public.

But then again, maybe thats the idea....

1:10 PM  
Blogger a_ct_voter said...

I wanted to add my support to the notion of increased Connecticut legislature coverage. Although I do appreciate reading about the 2nd Congressional District and our two senators, additional information on what's happening in Hartford would be splendid. I do recall that there was more coverage in the past. Perhaps under the new ownership, management will be encouraged to cover more political news.

12:35 PM  

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