Friday, January 19, 2007

And a couple of odd thoughts...

A few items I came across this week...
The Democrats and Republicans have selected their sites for the 2008 conventions. Democrats are going to Denver and Republicans are headed to Minneapolis/St. Paul. It marks the first time since 1936 that both political parties will hold their big coming-out party in states they lost in the last presidential election.

And then this...
Did you know that first borns are more likely to be president than middle or youngest born children in a family.
George W. Bush is the oldest of five children, and John Kerrywas the second oldest of four.
Bill Clinton was the first born in his family, and Bob Dole was the second oldest of our children in his.
I haven't done a thorough review of all the 2008 presidential hopefuls at this point, but it is something to consider when sizing up the field after everyone who's getting into the race, gets in.


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