Thursday, January 18, 2007

On the other side...

I haven't talked much lately about the other side of the 2008 presidential sweepstakes, the Republican race mostly because there hasn't been much to really say. However, the Boston Globe this morning has an interesting piece of a new American Research Group poll to be released later this week that suggests Arizona Sen. john McCain's bid is in trouble. Long considered the frontrunner in the GOP race, the ARG poll says independent voters in New Hampshire (and yes, they get to vote in party primaries) are abandoning McCain's campaign.

A year ago McCain was polling very well among independents a year ago - 49 percent. The new poll shows, however, only 29 percent support now. Those same kind of numbers are also cropping up in polls in Iowa and Nevada - two of the early caucus states.

And...for what it's worth...although he isn't running away with anything in the early polling, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is my guess as the GOP candidate most likely to emerge with the nomination. (But it's still early in the game, and that opinion might change several times in the weeks and months ahead.)


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