Friday, February 20, 2009

Which is sinking faster....

The economy, or U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, D-CT, ?

Dodd's latest problem is the disclose of campaign contributions from the Stanford Financial Group, whose founer is the latest player accussed of bilking investors out of billions of dollars. When asked about it, Dodd said he is donating the $27,500 he received from individsuals related to the firm to charity -- and ardently denied he was 'too friendly" with banking and investment interests.

Meanwhile, the efforts to draft former Ron Paul economic advisor Peter Schiff to challenge Dodd in next year's election is holding a "moneybomb" event this Saturday -- that's an Internet fundraising effort to collect large sums in a single day. It seems the effort is coming out of San Diego, California and spearheaded by six tech-savvy Libertarians. It is, however, gaining some attention from like-minded folks nationwidd. For his part, Schiff is saying he's not really interested and doubts that he could be convinced to run -- but not comletely rulingit out.

And eleswhere, former Republican Congressman Rob Simmons is telling folks he'll make his mind up about a possible Senate run against Dodd by mid-March. I still have doubts about whether he'll jump back in to the political arena -- but then again, a six-year term is a lot easier to deal with then having to mount a campaign every two, who knows.

As for this Sunday's Hackett on Politics column in the paper, it's all about the money and the very strange way the numbers are adding up. Have a good weekend.


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