Monday, February 26, 2007

Things to ponder on a snowy Monday...

A few ineresting tidbits to consider when watching the 2008 presidential candidates on television newscast as they campaign:

According to a new Gallup poll, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has the strongeste "favorable" ratings among any of the other 2008 hopefuls - Democrats and Republicans. Giuliani is viewed favorably by more Republicans, Independents - and Democrats - than any of the candidates. He is followed closely, however, by Arizona Sen. John McCain and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama - and all three have a fairly good size - about 12 percent - of folks saying they have no opinion of them. (That's a good thing because that means there is room for them to grow).

The problem with that poll, however, is that a cross section of voters across the country doesn't translate into an equal amount of support among the party faithful who will be casting ballots in the various state primaries. Giuliani may be a favorite of most - but he's no show-in for the GOP nomination.

A second point to consider about polls- and especially how it effects Democratic candidates:

Frontrunners in polls at this stage of the game more often than not fail to win the party's nomination. Do these names ring any bells:
Edmund Muskie (1972)
George Wallace (1976)
Edward Kennedy (1980)
Gary Hart (1988)
Mario Cuomo (1992)
Joe Lieberman (2004)

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is currently holding the number one spot in every early poll on the Democratic side.


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