Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Iraq debate...

With virtually all of the focus on Iraq centered on the non-binding resolution in the U.S. Senate, this little tidbit may have gotten lost in the pipeline.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates will once again be in front of the House Armed Services Committee tomorrow, answering questions about the war and its impact on the Pentagon and military services. Gates was there a couple of weeks ago, but had to leave before all the House members on the panel had a chance to get their questions in. I've been told that the committee leadership is breaking a bit with tradition tomorrow, and will allow the junior members to go first in questioning the secretary.

So look for Connecticut's new 2nd District Congressman, Joe Courtney, to get his chance to question Gates about the war and how its costs are going to impact the 2nd District's defense manufacturing industry.

The committee meeting will be braodcast live on C-SPAN. The hearing is scheduled to begin around 9:30 Wednesday morning.


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